About Us

A sign remains in place on East Lake Road, paying homage to my dad and his memory, at the location of a rental property that he built in the 70’s, which is located on Preston Avenue. Thanks to “Chuck Ollinger Plumbing, Heating and Cooling” for honoring my dad’s memory!​

The Trocki name returns to the Erie marketplace, with the introduction of a new innovative real estate management organization, Trocki Property Management, LLC (“TPM”).  TPM brings back the customer focus attention to detail and customer focus that my dad delivered as a residential builder and rental property owner to our great community a generation ago, combined with today’s technologies delivered at an affordable price.

Throughout my early years, I learned the nuances of real estate from my dad and I learned to appreciate how lucky I was to grow up in a community such as Lake Shoe Club District Association (“LSCDA”).  I left Erie for college and pursued my professional career away from Erie, as many of my classmates and neighbors had.

My career had two key phases working in industry and then working my way up to being a consulting partner at Grant Thornton LLP (6th largest global accounting firm).  I garnered experience in numerous industries which including Consumer Products, Not-for-Profit, Retail and Real Estate.  And during that time I learned and excelled at being customer focus and delivering services that always exceeded my client’s expectations.

Real Estate kept tugging at my heart , and led numerous consulting roles with Real Estate organizations.  One of the most notable of these projects was a project that I led a turnaround effort of a multi-family residential company operating over 10,000 apartment units.  This was where I learned and experienced first hand the nuances of building and maintaining a strong property management company which was customer focused and fiscally responsible.

This lead me to the juncture in life that brought me back to Erie, a few years ago, to help my dad through his later years.  A that time, I continue to perform national consulting roles and then decided to become involved in the community that I loved LSCDA.  In a short time, I became involved with the LSCDA as a board member and then president and I learned a lot more about the community I live in, how home owner associations work and the nuances of overseeing a residential water system.

All my professional experience and my community involvement has led me to this new point in my life.  Where I have discovered that there is a strong need for a new property management company to be created.  One that can embrace my dad’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, blended with today’s technology.

With that I created Trocki Property Management LLC.  The initial focus will be on home owner associations, condos, mobile home parks and residential water systems to provide better management of billing, collections, and vendor management.

I look forward to helping you and the community.  To hear more about my story and my new company Trocki Property Management, LLC please call me at 814.431.9005 or email norb@trocki.today

Norbert J. Trocki, Jr.