Residential Water Systems

We would like to introduce an exciting product to the market place, Revenue Cycle Blue (“Blue”).  Blue is a service offering that is designed for Resident Owned Community Associations (Home Owners Associations, Condo Associations, and Mobile Home Communities) that provide metered water services to each resident in conjunction with typical association management. 

Blue provides associations with a single focused solution that handles all aspects of the water revenue cycle process from point of meter read through final collection process, along with the management of the water system service processes and coordination of external vendors providing services to each individual resident.  Additionally, Blue can accommodate the normal periodic assessment billing/collection process, as well as ancillary billings for fines and other services.

This water billing solution combined with our water billing methodology, provides billing collection service that are not typically available to individual associations, such as:  

  • Automated water billing process that provides variance and error check points,
  • Email and paper based billing,
  • Robust periodic reporting for receivables, deposits, water usage, meter deployment and service tracking,
  • Special message capabilities for invoices, and
  • Tracking of meter swap-out and property ownership changes.

In addition to the meter reading, billing and collection process Blue also includes professional services that are designed to meet unique challenges of associations who own water systems and may have challenges leveraging volunteer residents to fill specific chartered roles.   These additional services include:

  • Coordination of external water system vendors,
  • Scheduling and managing vendors to handle board approved residential service calls,
  • Scheduling and managing vendors for board approved trouble shooting calls at residential homes,
  • Scheduling of shutoffs and turn-ons as authorize by the board, and
  • Develop PO for preferred water system vendors as required.

Call 814.431.9005 or email for further details about this exciting product offering!