Condo and Homeowner Associations

Social responsibility and community involvement are often the key players in having a resident run or be appointed to a Homeowner Association Board,  Unfortunately there is no real guide book that is available to prepare these residents for this responsibility.  After a short time passes the new Board member often realize that the voluntary aspects of these positions draws significant time and effort; and causes each board member challenges in balancing these responsibilities and their full time jobs, family commitments and personal lifestyles. 

Often tasks, responsibilities and risks of the Association which appear to be clear, prior to Board membership, are found to be more complex and challenging than anticipated.  Resources, tools and skill sets may not be adequate to meet current needs of the Board or its limited volunteer pool of residents.  What direction should the board head to find answers and solutions to the Association and its Board’s needs and requirements.

Thankfully there is a new solution in the marketplace provided by Trocki Property Management, LLC (“TPM”).  TPM understands the challenges, risks and resource restrictions that a Homeowner Association and its Board faces; as its founder was has been a member of an HOA and served on the Board in various positions including the most challenging seat of president.

Our solutions are scalable, secure and robust.  They are designed to meet the needs and requirements of each board and they are based upon a solid methodologies, tools and staff that understand the needs of an Association.  The base service portfolio contains and covers numerous areas that include: administrative support, billing, budgeting, board advisory services, covenants and restrictions (C&Rs) compliance, financial reporting, governance, project management, social media, and web development.  Additionally, TPM provides:

  • 7/24 secured cloud based solution for the billing, collection and reporting, 
  • Availability of email billing and follow-up emails regarding account status,
  • Robust periodic reporting on receivables, collections, deposits, address information, meter usage, meter and meter exchange,
  • Defined Service Level Agreements,
  • Dedicated Phone Line, Voice Mail, PO Box, and email,
  • Ability to bill for one time charges including fines, service calls and other ancillary billings,
  • Tracking of Service Orders for the Association,
  • During collection cycles, deposits minimally occur weekly, and
  • Timely next business day response to board, resident, vendor, regulatory and property transfer requests.

For further information and details about our service offerings and how we can help your Association please call 814.431.9005 or email