Key Team Members & Trusted Colleagues

Norbert J. Trocki, Jr.

Born in Erie and raised in the Lake Shore Club District Association, the son of Norbert Trocki, Sr. a tool and die maker, residential home builder and rental property owner.  Throughout my early years, I learned the nuances of real estate from my dad and I learned to appreciate how lucky I was to grow up in a community such as LSCDA.

I left Erie for college and pursued my professional career away from Erie, as many of my classmates and neighbors.  This career had two key phases working in industry and then working my way up to being a consulting partner at Grant Thornton LLP (6th largest global accounting firm).  I garnered experience in numerous industries which included Consumer Products, Insurance, Not-for-Profit, Retail and Real Estate.

Real Estate always kept tugging at my heart and led me to numerous consulting roles with Real Estate organizations.  One of the most notable of these projects was an engagement that I led a business process improvement effort of a multi-family residential company operating over 10,000 apartment units.  

I returned to Erie a few years ago, and helped my dad until he passed away.  At that time, I continue to perform national consulting roles and then decided to become involved in the community that I loved Lake Shore.  In a short time, I became involved with the LSCDA as a member and then president and I learned a lot more about this community, home owner association and neighborhood and its water systems. 

All my professional experience and my community involvement has led me to this new juncture in my life.  And I have discovered that there is a strong need for a new property management company to be created; which can embrace my dad’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, blended with today’s technology.  With that I created Trocki Property Management LLC.  The initial focus will be on home owner associations, condos and mobile home parks to provide better management of billing, collections, and vendor management.  I have assembled an initial team that is highlighted below.


Michelle Lohrer

Michele has been a part of the Erie community for her entire life and has worked for local and nationally owned lighting companies servicing the medical industrial.  She has been involved in all facets of customer relations, trouble shooting, project management, financial analysis, training and coordination of vendors.  Her primary role is to help facilitate Board and Annual Meetings.

George Lohrer

George another local native of the Erie area.  He is known for being an excellent home improvement contractor, who specializes in finished carpentry, hard surface floor installation, residential structural design and project management of contractors on local residential job sites.  George will be taking the role of evaluation of building maintenance repair issues throughout the portfolio as well as performing some of the repair as required.

Scott Tregaskis

Scott another native Erie resident currently residing in Lake Shore owns a regional business that handles maintenance needs for a national trucking firm along with a hard flooring business.  The maintenance role requires him to manage multiple teams performing maintenance tasks at the trucking terminals.  In addition, he as well is involved with home improvement with specialization in the hard floor arena.  He will also be involved with evaluation of maintenance needs of the portfolio as well as the coordination of external vendors related to each physical property.