Billing & Collections

A strong Billing & Collection system is the heart of a strong thriving organization. We have found locally there are numerous Condo and Home Owner Associations, Community-Owned Water Supply Organizations and Mobile Home Parks that rely on manual intensive process to bill and collect from their residents.  The risk of error and collection delays is intensified by this process.

To that end, we at Trocki Property Management, LLC (“TPM”) researched the domestic marketplace and found an affordable Billing & Collections software solution that we could easily align to our defined methodologies for this type of process. 

Our system is a 7/24 Secured cloud based solution for billing, collection and reporting with full offsite storage and security provided through Amazon Services. Our solution provides:

  • automated billing that provides variance and error check points,
  • Email and paper based billing,
  • robust periodic reporting for receivables, deposits, and service order repair tracking,
  • ancillary billing for fines, services and other one-off bill scenarios,
  • Weekly depository process that utilizes customer bank accounts for deposit,
  • special message capabilities for invoices, and
  • Current resident account status with flagging as defined by the organization.

The end results bring a solution that provides quality timely billing, collection, depository, and reporting services for the organization.  As well as delivering up-to-date receivable data that both the Board and Property Transfer agents will appreciate.

Additional add-on services are available that allow for items that include resident portal, credit card and ACH processing, paperless enrollment and lock box services.

We are very excited to bring this solution to Erie and we look forward to hearing from you shortly in regards to this service offering.  Call 814.431.900r or email